I really must keep up with posting here.  I am trying to work out a way to combine my blogs – I feel I am compartmentalising  rather than presenting a whole, something I am familiar with in terms of my thinking.  However, I am finding it much more difficult than I imagined.

In the meantime, here are the quilties :

May theme was free – I decided to use some multi-dyed cotton cut into strips, woven together again into two pieces, the one placed diagonally onto the other …then the stitching – my favourite part.

May 09 Quiltie

June theme: Birds, Butterflies and/or Bees.  I chose birds – this one may look very familiar if you followed the sketchbook entry – i took it directly from one of the sketches – it works for me!

Birds, Bees or Butterflies quiltie June 09

A small group of friends decided we would set ourselves a sketchbook challenge.  That challenge was to fill a small (A6) sketchbook in seven days.  We could choose our own theme and work in any medium – the only proviso being that if anyone used photos in their book,  you would have to do three sketches to each photo used.

I chose to go with a theme that arose in a spread I did for the soul journal project which is “In Gaia’s Garden”.   It is a theme I will continue to explore and develop, definitely using some of the ideas that were very quickly put to paper during this challenge.  I haven’t included every single page of the sketchbook as there is a fair bit of repetition.

It was a great idea and a good experience – one I shall certainly do again.


3-45-67-8block print carved from polystyreneBorage leaf print acrylic on paper and linenleaf print - inktense pencilmulti leaf rubbing on linenLino block printseed studies 1seed studies 2seeds couched on leaf rubbed linenseeds couched on leaf rubbed linen

Ivy outline over leaf printed paperivy outline on leaf-printed paper

Cactus study from magazine pictureCactus study 2 + 3Cactus study 4Tree - colour study watercolourTree - colour study pastel 1Tree - colour study pastel 2Seed openingseed opening-earth



Sister circleSister Circle

Imagination sketchSeed-human doodleseed-human doodle

sketch on thoughts of healing handsthoughts on healing hands

Sketch - expanding on thoughts of humans as seeds

more playing with the human-plant connectionmore playing with the human/plant connection.

That’s it ……….seeing these again fills me with ideas once more – ideas sketchbooks are definitely a great asset.

My contribution to a book made for a friend who was not at all well – many friends made pages and the book was an absolute beauty, the recipient was more than happy with the surprise .

Page for Claire March 09

The quote I used on the back is one I love and one which said what I wanted to express:

“Each friend represents a world in us,

a world possibly not born until they arrive,

and it is only by this meeting

that a new world is born”

Anais Nin

I have been neglecting this blog for far too long, mainly because I have been concentrating on the story cloth quilt I am creating/obsessing on, apologies.

However, I didn’t realise it had been so long since I had posted here – well slap my wrists!

So, what have I been doing?

Firstly there is this:

A page for a friend’ s Travelling Colour Journal.  I chose green….this was way back in February.

Spread for Elizabeths journal

The monthly quilties continue on Unlimited Textiles.  This month’s theme being ‘Abstract’;  this is my offering:


I have been absent and for that I apologise.  I am totally consumed by my Land of Dreaming project and reacquainting myself with the mythologies and Goddesses of my homeland – I am engrossed and loving it .

The latest posting for this project is


Enjoy 🙂

An extremely belated new year posting.  I hope this year has begun in the way you each wished for.

I have been very quiet – well, silent here, but I have been creating.  Back in November I embarked on a new project, a call from the Wild Mother – Baba Yaga (one of Her many guises) it was who summonsed me to the Land of  Dreaming.  Initially I thought this would be a written and illustrated journey, however, shortly after starting it became very clear how I wanted to visualise and interpret this.  My chosen method is a story cloth – a quilt if you like, but not a traditional one.   As my thinking process progressed it became clear to me that I wanted to journal/log  each step of the way, so I have set up a blog specifically for this piece of work.  The background, the thinking process, the making of the cloth itself and the beginnings of the journey are all being logged at:  The Land of Dreaming.

I would be glad if you would join me there as I proceed.

I will continue to post work from other projects here, but have a feeling they will be few and far between – I am so engrossed in this and want to see if I can really focus charting each step of the way, right up until completion.

This month’s theme is Winter – no suprises there.   I decided on a Solstice-type interpretation.  Many layered white fabrics, stitching with dashes of silver here and there.


Some days I wake up and just feel so happy to live where I do:

autumn-5 Outside my front door the early morning mist is clearing.

carpet-1 The carpet beneath my feet out back.



A couple of overnight visitors have been busy.

night-view-2 Glorious sunset.