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Please note this blog is no longer active: all this work and

more can be found at my active site:

Please come visit me there, thank you.



Hello there,

I have noticed that there have been a few new subscribers to this blog for which I am very grateful.  However, this blog is no longer active.  All posts have been transferred over to my active blog which is:

I hope to see you over there.


I have moved over all entries on this blog to what was my textile blog :

I decided it was time to present as a whole rather than compartmentalise

as I have been doing.

I want simplicity

one blog makes sense

in that case.

For all those who start their New Year on the 1st January 2010,

and those who started theirs on the Celtic calendar

I wish you all the very best

in every aspect of your life.

I shall be closing this blog completely in a few days time

so please bookmark the new one

many thanks.


Another side of London, this centre is a ten minute train ride from Clapham Junction – the contrast is stunning!

Another side of London

Another side of London 3

Beauty 1

Beauty 2

Can you see us?

Can you see us



Dreamtime in Barnes 2

Wonderfully textural plant:

Fab plant

leafy 2

Gorgeous feathers:

gorgeous feathers

and gorgeous grass:

Gorgeous grass

I cant believe its London 1

Loving these feathers:

Loving those feathers 2

more gorgeous plumage

Proud plumage


Shelter 2

We are family:

We are family

Soul Food :

Sun on bark

wonderful bark 2

Soul Food


Total refreshment for body, mind and soul.





I really must keep up with posting here.  I am trying to work out a way to combine my blogs – I feel I am compartmentalising  rather than presenting a whole, something I am familiar with in terms of my thinking.  However, I am finding it much more difficult than I imagined.

In the meantime, here are the quilties :

May theme was free – I decided to use some multi-dyed cotton cut into strips, woven together again into two pieces, the one placed diagonally onto the other …then the stitching – my favourite part.

May 09 Quiltie

June theme: Birds, Butterflies and/or Bees.  I chose birds – this one may look very familiar if you followed the sketchbook entry – i took it directly from one of the sketches – it works for me!

Birds, Bees or Butterflies quiltie June 09

My contribution to a book made for a friend who was not at all well – many friends made pages and the book was an absolute beauty, the recipient was more than happy with the surprise .

Page for Claire March 09

The quote I used on the back is one I love and one which said what I wanted to express:

“Each friend represents a world in us,

a world possibly not born until they arrive,

and it is only by this meeting

that a new world is born”

Anais Nin

This fabulous carton arrived this morning from Jan Bartlett. Both the carton and the contents are just fabulous and beautifully crafted.  They included an exquisitely made accordion journal (hard-backed), a handmade charm and so much more.  Thank you very much Jan.

This has been a wonderful experience of exchanging art with others – a very different idea to the usual trades.  Many thanks to the artists involved and to Susan for creating and initiating this project.

I am moving my art blog over to WordPress – I prefer the format there as I can accommodate the different media on separate pages whilst staying within the same blog.

The new blog address is:

Hope to see you there :o).

This is my interpretation of this month’s quiltie theme on Unlimited Textiles – Nature. I took a rubbing of some bark with a crayon on white cotton which I then coloured with blue/green inks – the scan is not showing the colours too clearly. I then hand-stitched a small amount, not wishing to detract from the natural pattern of the bark.