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Actually the theme was Christmas but, well, we are coming into Winter so this is my offering :

The “snowflake” I cut from a vintage cloth – table setting I think.  The ground is calico onto which I layered pieces of organza and netting, placing the snowflake on top, then stitching the whole.  I really liked the result 🙂


The theme this month was “Africa” – very broad,  so much choice for this procrastinator.   This is my offering.  The cotton is hand painted using wax resist and layering which I then hand stitched.

Oct 09 Quiltie - Africa

latest posting is here.

This is my progress so far:

Wild Mother  July ii

The monthly quilties continue on Unlimited Textiles.  This month’s theme being ‘Abstract’;  this is my offering:


I have been absent and for that I apologise.  I am totally consumed by my Land of Dreaming project and reacquainting myself with the mythologies and Goddesses of my homeland – I am engrossed and loving it .

An extremely belated new year posting.  I hope this year has begun in the way you each wished for.

I have been very quiet – well, silent here, but I have been creating.  Back in November I embarked on a new project, a call from the Wild Mother – Baba Yaga (one of Her many guises) it was who summonsed me to the Land of  Dreaming.  Initially I thought this would be a written and illustrated journey, however, shortly after starting it became very clear how I wanted to visualise and interpret this.  My chosen method is a story cloth – a quilt if you like, but not a traditional one.   As my thinking process progressed it became clear to me that I wanted to journal/log  each step of the way, so I have set up a blog specifically for this piece of work.  The background, the thinking process, the making of the cloth itself and the beginnings of the journey are all being logged at:  The Land of Dreaming.

I would be glad if you would join me there as I proceed.

I will continue to post work from other projects here, but have a feeling they will be few and far between – I am so engrossed in this and want to see if I can really focus charting each step of the way, right up until completion.

This month’s theme is Winter – no suprises there.   I decided on a Solstice-type interpretation.  Many layered white fabrics, stitching with dashes of silver here and there.


The theme: The Latin American Way.  My thought: bright, bright colours. My interpretation is of an aztec or inca sun symbol which I stitched in place, then quilting the ground cloth in a spiral.


A couple of months ago I set myself a deadline to finish this by, the outer couching that is, as it has been with me for some years, although I had picked it up earlier this year and started working on it again.  Part of my journey with Soul Food has led me to rediscover my love of textiles, of stitch to be more precise.  The pure joy there is in stitching, creating bit by bit by bit and I love to work by hand as the slowness of the pace allows for much thought and deliberation.  I find it endlessly calming.

Over the past few weeks, in between a few other project pieces, I have done nothing else but stitch and stitch, determined to finish the outer couching by the 31st October, Samhain…..I am so pleased that I made it.   The pictures are not great sadly but, hopefully, I can get better ones at a later date.   It is very dark inside at the moment, so I resorted to the washing line out back….however it is more than a little windy so the piece is not hanging straight, but you can get the general feel of it I think.   The backing is canvas and the patterns/trails/paths have all been formed by couching hundreds, if not thousands of strips of various fabrics to the surface.    What is to go in the centre?  I still have not decided…originally I was going to couch a spiral…..I may still.   For the time-being it is hanging back on my wall where I can see it when I wake – I will know when I have alighted upon the right way to go.  Oh, and it measures approximately 4ft by 4ft, almost as big as the smile on my face!

Just blowin’ in the wind:

A touch closer:

This month’s theme was Autumn or Halloween – I went with Autumn:

The background fabric is heavily machined calico in various reds, onto which I stitched into place a square of woven fabrics, the colours of which I felt are autumnal – I then hand stitched over this square.  I wove a variegated dyed wool around the edge of the square and finished it off by couching the leaf shape in a thin velveteen ribbon.  I am happy with the result, hope the recipient is :).

This month’s theme was no theme so I decided to do another stitched doodle.  I am beginning to get my head around the concept of these and that traditional quilting per se is not necessary.  I am pleased with the result and  hope the recipient likes it.    I do seem to have a lot of recurring shapes and symbols in my work!