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The inspiration for altered text comes from Tom Phillips and his amazing work “A Humument”.

This is the first book that I hope to alter from cover to cover. These are the pages done so far.

Text reads: “stories – the refuge; satisfying wisdoms; internal narratives;

gods and goddesses the mythology of imagined alternatives;

the whole climactic life spun off in arbitrary absolute”.

Medium used: Acrylics

Text reads: “That individual chaos. Real life as the prompt form imaginary gaps, disordered fictional licence.

Medium used: Acrylics

Text reads: “Born memory of a landscape out of bounds. I rest in my fantasy life, my circle of retreat.”

Medium used: Derwent Inktense pencils

Text reads: “We seek art…pen a delight in orange”

Medium used: Gouache

Text reads: “She was now; she was silk; a self clear and round and absolutely sweet.”

Medium used: Gouache

Text reads: “We teach the old word; we say nothing; we were all friends.”

Media used: Gouache, pen and ink.

Text reads: “She loved the earth. She had art and words. She was wild and she had a particular mentality but peace was felt.”

Media used: Gouache, pen and ink.

Text reads: “Her creation lovely. A beautiful woman, with a place she loved. She could imagine heaven was always now.”

Media used: Soft pastels, pen and ink.

Text reads: “A smile could get through the ridiculous – it had been all good, the best she could remember, sharp images in her bones.”

Media used: Gouache, pen and ink.

Text reads: “Insistent nature, was likely to turn yellow and scarlet. She slept under scarlet. Endless day yellow. She, a picture white and red.”

Media used: Gouache and marker pens.

Text reads: “She could conjure spells but had begun to feel a bit strange. She spoke in some disturbing way and had other voices and actually had a dragon.”

Media used: Watercolour pencils, pen and ink.

Text reads: “This year was different…..She was going to be much better.”

Media used: Inktense pencils and markers.

Text reads: “Experience excitement. A great bowl of sea and sky with them in the middle. Everyone was having a high old time.”

Medium used: Acrylics

Text reads: “She played after dark, there was a moon ripplyin away into the distance. She liked to feel the wind.”

Medium used: Acrylics

Text reads: “A chance to be nothing, much to be desired, floating letters.”

Media used: Gouache and applied letters

Text reads: “The flying fish landed.”

Media used: Acrylics, gouache, markers

Text reads: “The water was dripping. A naked soul on an endless day.”

Media used: Gesso, watercolour, acrylic, marker pens

Text reads: “They just shuffled around, the people seemed to be shut away, the world was different.”

Media used: Watercolour, pen and ink

Text reads: “the mermaid thought nothing. Half-naked she was delicate”.

Media:  Acrylics, pen and ink.

Text reads: “the mermaid was with the hag.  A star of the magi was the point to watch.”

Media:  Acrylics,  gouache, pen and ink.

Text reads:  “a sister was on her own. She was old and sat perched on a great turtle”

“everything was flat and calm, she’d always had good sea-legs”.

Media:  Acrylics, gouache, markers, inktense pencils.

Text reads:  “She had a child to mother but she wasn’t sure she belonged”.

Media: Acrylics, gouache and watercolour.

Text reads:  “her world a strange music of different ways….but she wasn’t going to spoil this”.

Media:  Collage and acrylic.