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For some years I seem to have been creating pictures in various media of older women – the Crones in my psyche I suppose.   This is one such, painted with acrylics on hessian,  that I don’t think I have shared before – she hangs on my small landing beneath a window where she greets me each time I climb or descend the stairs.


I am extraordinarily fond of her.


They speak for themselves:

In the pink

In the pink ii

latest posting is here.

This is my progress so far:

Wild Mother  July ii





I really must keep up with posting here.  I am trying to work out a way to combine my blogs – I feel I am compartmentalising  rather than presenting a whole, something I am familiar with in terms of my thinking.  However, I am finding it much more difficult than I imagined.

In the meantime, here are the quilties :

May theme was free – I decided to use some multi-dyed cotton cut into strips, woven together again into two pieces, the one placed diagonally onto the other …then the stitching – my favourite part.

May 09 Quiltie

June theme: Birds, Butterflies and/or Bees.  I chose birds – this one may look very familiar if you followed the sketchbook entry – i took it directly from one of the sketches – it works for me!

Birds, Bees or Butterflies quiltie June 09