Wow, four lovely surprises this last week – each arriving on a separate day – certainly cheered me up no end.  Thank you so much to Carol Desjarlais, Mollye Self, Norma Soulet and Brittney Young.  Please follow the included links to see more of each of these artists’ work.

First to arrive:

These beautiful and spirit-full objects were crafted by Carol Desjarlais, and I am thrilled to bits with each and every piece.  She also enclosed the story behind the making of the flowers piece, which is actually made from fish scales – just incredible.   The spirit doll has been placed as directed with deep respect.  The painting has a place which has been awaiting its arrival – these items are special and filled with a very real sense of the person who created them.   These will definitely be treasured.

As if that wasn’t enough to raise my spirit, the following day the second carton of the week arrived:

This literal box of delights arrived courtesy of Mollye Self.  As you can see the carton contained a real variety of goodies, including a fabulous badge which made me laugh, a wonderful pendant beautifully crafted, a bottle of turquoise and some clay glazed hearts – I already know on which piece of work I shall be using these, just lovely.  The ATC is not very easy to see here but is glorious and is a fabulous addition to my collection.

Third to arrive:

This one from Norma Soulet which included the most beautiful glass-faced spirit doll – sadly the picture does not show this too clearly.  She is taking pride of place amongst my plants by the central fireplace – seemed appropriate somehow.  Norma also made a fabulous felted pin/needle holder which will get a lot of use and some fabulous hand-crafted beads which will also all be utilised….beautiful work for which I am very grateful.

And then, as if all that wasn’t more than enough, a fourth arrived:

This one is from Brittney Young.  The wonderfully textural bookmark is already in use – I am an avid reader so it will be well used believe me.  The earrings are beautiful, very delicate and will be worn with pride and pleasure.  The third item is a bell hanging from a beaded wire – you cannot from this picture see the detail on the bell or, of course, hear it – it has the most lovely sound and is already hanging on the inside of my front door – in the summer I shall move it to the garden door, but for now it is in the right place.  Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

I am so grateful to all these wonderful artists who have created such beauty and given of themselves so generously.   It is an absolute thrill and joy to be part of this exchange, thank you Susan.