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I was invited to do a spread in a “newbies” altered book round robin on ANUK having acted as a mentor – not that the new members needed mentoring, nor from the results, would anyone think they were new to altered art – the spreads I have seen have all been really fabulous.   This spread is for Linda G.’s book, the theme of which was Yellow, sub-theme The Garden.   I started with a layer of textured paper which I then covered in gesso – I like the feel this gives to the page and also the fact that any paint layered on top can be worked in various ways.   Over this I then layered various bits and pieces, some cut out flowers and butterflies in thickish paper, some coloured strips of canvas and some real leaves.  I then put a layer of gesso over these as I did not like the design at all – perhaps one day I will learn to work things out first although I doubt it – I do tend to work spontaneously.  More paint over this layer of gesso over which I then did loads of leaf prints.   These were done by literally painting real leaves and using them to print with – there are many layers of these although the scan does not show the variance in colour very well.  I then applied several leaves which I had printed separately on paper and outlined, along with the butterfly.  Ta da:

Oh and the quote is by Van Gogh.


What a fabulous surprise this week – two cartons from the Art in a Carton project – see links at the side.  The first I received from Elizabeth O’Donnell which contained these goodies:

the second from Kathryn Rose :

Thank you to both artists for your generosity and thought and, of course, to Susan for originating this project.

After completing the doodle quiltie I went back to the Soul Journey Journal.  I decided I wanted to continue with this journal even though the project itself is finished, my journal is not nor, of course, is my journey.

I started this spread not having a clue what I wanted to do or express but determined to stick to my arting every day this month, so I applied torn text etc to the pages adding a layer of gesso over this.  I then collaged and wrote random numbers as per one of the spreads we did with Caspiana – still not knowing where I was going.  Next a wash of colour which I really didn’t like so another was added after that.  I then decided I wanted some texture so dry painted some acrylic paint onto the pages and closed them to create uniform splodges on each page.  Left to dry overnight, hated it and covered with another two washes of colour.  Again for texture I added some paper weaving using electrical tape to fix it in place which I then sanded and added yet another wash of colour.   Whilst waiting for this to dry I was flicking through an old Wemoon Diary and saw a painting entitled “In Gaia’s Garden” – ta da – yeah that’s it.  So that became the theme of this spread.  I actually love the title and feel of it so much I may well do a whole altered book or art journal on that theme.  I was sifting through my collage materials wondering how I wanted to visualise the title and found a picture of a leaping cat, so I proceeded to make a stencil from that and a moon – the text underneath I had found already – all the bits came together…the visual of the cat leaping over the moon to me totally communicates the legend underneath.   Finally I added the text at the top of the right page – Gaia’s Garden speaks to me of possibilities, things seen and unseen, things known and unknown – so much to explore and experience.

I have been using a Khadi paper book for this journal and would recommend – it takes so much punishment and is holding up brilliantly.

This month’s theme was no theme so I decided to do another stitched doodle.  I am beginning to get my head around the concept of these and that traditional quilting per se is not necessary.  I am pleased with the result and  hope the recipient likes it.    I do seem to have a lot of recurring shapes and symbols in my work!