This is the last spread of this project – mind I still have to go back and work the taped pages.  The background was prepared with torn pieces of papers, receipts etc in this case – an alternative to shredding – then gessoed. Over this we were instructed to write “Today I feel…..” for at least five minutes.  Then to the self-portrait. This was to be done with our hands – good ol’ finger-painting.  I have resisted doing this for about a week, no idea why but determined to get it done today.  Of course, once I started I really enjoyed it.   I have taken artistic license with the colour – I am not orange – more a pasty shade of pale, plus my fingers were too wide to put in all the wrinkles,  but the hair is almost right, I have had white hair since my early thirties.   This was great fun to do returning me, as it did, to childhood playfulness.  I will be using this ‘technique’ again – I would encourage all to try painting with your fingers.

Opposite the portrait the background is made up of my finger and hand prints, over which I stamped a few lizards and printed from a lino-cut a fabulous raven/crow.  These two creatures have meaning for me. Oh and at the top-centre two runes which I pulled before starting.

It is a shame this particular project is over but I am going to continue in this journal to play and try out techniques old and new.