For this spread we had to randomly let our pen/pencil wander about the page without thought or attempting to create anything in particular.  Then, as in cloud watching, look to see if there was a figure within and draw it out, this would be representative of ourselves at a time when we felt to be a misfit. I don’t have a problem with feeling like a misfit or an outsider – often if I get these feelings now it is an indication that perhaps the people I am with are just not on my ‘wavelength’, nothing more, nothing less – and as an adult I have choices.

To do this I shut my eyes to draw the lines as my first attempt was much too contrived, so I gessoed it out and went again.  We had to journal around our figure – I ended up with two which came as no real surprise to me:

I have a sneaking suspicion these figures may say more about me than I realise :).