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I have started a new art journal journey which is being hosted/run by Caspiana.  Samm from SoulfulArt at the Soul Food Cafe provided the link and inspiration to go have a play.  So play I am, although I started late so am several days behind but I don’t think that matters, the results and the learning are what counts.

I have done pages one and two so far and am working on pages 3 through 8.

Page 1: Claiming the book as your own:

Believe it or not this is my name page!  I was reluctant to do this – I am not sure why, but once I got started I had such fun – what a great experience – I spent hours, doodling, colouring, sticking, playing.  It really loosened me up.  I am thinking that in all future journals, and where I have space in those I have already done or started I shall make room or tip-in a name page – it is well worth it and definitely shows who owns the book.

Page 2: Protecting your Creative Spirit:

When I first looked at the prompt for this page, Sarah the initiating artist has used a suit of armor to depict her protector.  Armour really didn’t feel right for me so I thought long and hard and then slept on it.  Of course, the image that has hung by my bedside for many many years was the right one.  This is a drawn and painted copy of that image, one I created some fifteen years ago – she is one emanation of several protector-teachers that I have – at the time of her creation (she is a stitched tapestry on canvas) She named herself Raven Mother – quite apt eh :).  The mirror at the centre of her chest is to deflect and reflect negativity, the spiral shield I have placed at her crown as it represents for me both internal and external negative criticism and put-downs…the spiral transforming/transmuting these or just spiraling them away from me.  The red stone on the left depicts heat/energy and nature both nurturing and inspiring aspects of life.

I am enjoying this journey and realise that although I am working on several seemingly disparate projects at once they all are connected – each is teaching me very similar things.   I do so love this world of creativity and expression!


This month’s theme was slash n’ burn.  Now I would assume that there is a particular technique to this but I am ignorant of it so what I did was to make a piece, using the journal techniques in the sectionals then slashed ’em and burned some of the threads and fabric and quite a bit more actually – I used a heat gun, not a craft one and mistakenly put it on the highest setting so a lot more got burned than I intended, plus I set off the smoke alarms which I couldn’t switch off because of the probs with my arms lol – so all in all quite an adventure.  Some of us should not be left on our own too long ;).   Anyhow, once I had gathered all the bits up I stitched them together again with different placement.    This would be the result:

As I began to embellish each section I decided to join them into a whole piece rather than forming them into a book as I had originally intended.   I am really liking the result so far………

Initially I was thinking to use this as a background, á la art journal style.   My first thought being to create some form of self-portrait as a surface design…. as these were literally journal sections that I had cut up and reformed,  a representation of my life, albeit for a day or so only, it would make sense to have some form of self imprinted/embellished onto the background.  However, now I have stitched it all together I am not so sure.  At present it is pinned to a wall where I see it often – I will wait until it tells me what it wants me to do with it.   More stitching probably – and, as Marci suggested, some beading ….. it may then be complete perhaps.

This fabulous carton arrived this morning from Jan Bartlett. Both the carton and the contents are just fabulous and beautifully crafted.  They included an exquisitely made accordion journal (hard-backed), a handmade charm and so much more.  Thank you very much Jan.

This has been a wonderful experience of exchanging art with others – a very different idea to the usual trades.  Many thanks to the artists involved and to Susan for creating and initiating this project.