This is the name for a workshop by Juliana Coles .  Juliana is the developer of what she calls Extreme Visual Journaling.  I have started playing around with this suits me well I think.  For years I have used various written and visual forms of, what I would call, self-therapy/exploration.  However for some time now, firstly because I used to earn a living selling my own batiks, latterly because I have focused on trades and round robins with other artists I have moved away from that form of exploring inner landscape/s to a large extent.  Although, having said that, a lot of my creative work is a very definite expression of self.     Since being slowed down because of ill health and spurred on very much so by my involvement with Soul Food I have decided to return to those explorations, using journaling as my medium.    Juliana encourages folk to work quickly, without thinking too much, really engaging with the process and letting whatever emerges happen.  It is all about communing/communicating  with self/selves rather than producing ‘pretty’ – an idea I can definitely relate to.

So…here is my first sectional – some of the days have been worked and will probably be worked on more and more, most have not been touched yet…just the bases done.   The beauty of this way of working is that you can return again and again to the same pages and see more in them, hear more from them and go deeper and deeper.

‘Flags’ 1 & 2, June 08.

‘Flags’ 3 & 4 June 08.

‘Flags’ 5 & 6 June 08.