This card was done for the journal project of a friend, Linda, on the Yahoo Group, Travelling Journals.  The remit was to make a prompt card on the theme of Myths, Legends, Fairy tales – these could be established or ones’ own creation.  I decided to try my hand at my own creation.  Whilst on one of those boring long bus rides I saw a coffee shop called Cottos – the name struck and Mr Cotto was born.

On the front is his image:

and on the reverse I have started the story:

This story starts as any good tale of this ilk does, with ‘Once upon a time……….’ there was a man named Mr. Cotto, a very ordinary little man who could be seen daily in the depths of the heart of the City of London.  On passing him you would pay no attention, such was his ordinariness.  If you were to look straight at him as you passed, moments later you would be hard pressed to describe the man you had just seen.  It has to be said though, that if you really looked at him there was ‘something’…..not anything that could be defined, but a sense of something more.

Now, if you come across Mr. Cotto whilst wandering through the streets of London, as you pass by squint, squint really hard, no! harder than that.  Really screw those eyes up tight ….. it is well worth the effort I assure you.  If you do this and you do this right you will see that this ordinary grey little man has the most wonderfully colourful, dancing shadow.

Mr. Cotto has a secret………………………”