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The past four days I have spent working on “This Life” – a textile project of mine.  The piece as a whole measures 4′ x 4′ so it is taking a while!

The above picture represents some 20 hours work.

Detail showing the couching – apologies for the poor quality – will try to do better!


Today my creative efforts produced three more spreads in my Altered Text book, two singles and one double.

Text reads:  The mermaid thought nothing, half-naked she was delicate.

Medium: Gouache

Text reads:  The mermaid was with the hag.  A star of the magi was the point to watch.

Media: Gouache, acrylics, pen and ink.

Text reads:  A sister was on her own.  She was old and sat perched on a great turtle.  Everything was flat and calm, she’d always had good sea-legs.

Media:  Acrylics, pen and ink.

Number four in the series, this one was made specifically for a dear friend for her birthday.  The quote I know is a favourite of hers and reads: “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”.  This is very apt for her, she is definitely walking her own talk.  The colouration was also done with her likes in mind.

Number three in the series.  This one was inspired by the moon and my fondness for her, pure and simple.

This is number 2 in the series and was inspired by this quote from Matisse:

“All your life you must see with a child’s eyes”.

It was made for a dear friend’s birthday.

A mixed- media collage on canvas-board. I found the above quote in an advert, snipped it and created the collage/painting around it. This is number one in a series of four similarly created pieces. The backgrounds are all created in the same way. With a specific colourway in mind, I tore small pieces from thick pages of magazines…the paper has to be fairly heavy-duty as it has to withstand sanding. The torn pieces are applied in strips, patterned to achieve the required effect. The whole is then sanded and then over-painted. The building-up of the collage can then be done once the background is completely dry. The face on this one was also sanded and lightly painted as I wanted to achieve an opaque feel. This one was the first I created and I liked it so much it is on my wall!

These were made for an Elements swap on Alkymia. I decided to go with fabric as I felt I could realise the sense of water as I visualised it, rather than a literal representation.

This is my interpretation of this month’s quiltie theme on Unlimited Textiles – Nature. I took a rubbing of some bark with a crayon on white cotton which I then coloured with blue/green inks – the scan is not showing the colours too clearly. I then hand-stitched a small amount, not wishing to detract from the natural pattern of the bark.

Oh another beautiful carton and art, this time from Lubna, a wonderful artist friend. The carton is not showing to clearly but was decorated so well. It contained a beautifully crafted journal, a lovely vintage ATC and a handmade ceramic hand glazed and with glass fused on top. There was also an incense cone enclosed which was to sit on the hand. Lubna makes such wonderful mosaics and ceramics – please go take a look at her work : Lubna

I have been RAK’d by Shakti and Mika with Art in a Carton. What a fabulous surprise it was with wonderful contents which speak to me. A beautiful Goddess doll, a shrine containing a small Goddess doll , a canvas on a stand which reads “The Magic World is Inside Us” and a fabulous ATC . Within the Shrine is a card which reads: “To the renewal of Gaia, Our Mother, and to the Goddess” and on the Shrine itself it reads: “Woman is like God, because she gives birth to the people” – African Proverb and “It is by and through Her that all things moving and motionless shine. It is by the light of this Devi that all things become manifest “. Now wouldn’t receiving all these blessings just make your day too ? :o)