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I have been quiet online for a little while but have been creating nevertheless. My neck/shoulders and therefore my arms/hands are still giving me problems so I am much slower than usual. I am finding though, that if I take my time I am enjoying the processes just as much, if not more – I have become more relaxed that’s for sure – plenty of practice :o). Textiles seem to be calling me again at the moment – I am continuing with the large couched piece that I started some time ago – taking even longer now lol, but am considering the centrepiece again and think I may do a circle of crazy-quilting as I could then use images/text/symbols which all have meaning to me. I will update further with a new picture when I can.
I am feeling to work on several personal projects now and am reducing the amount of swaps etc that I am involved with choosing to focus on small exchanges only. I am happy with this. I will try to be more regular in my blog updates. Below are the pieces I have done whilst being invisible ;o).


This was my contribution for the Egypt swap on unlimited textiles. I used fabric transfer crayons for the Eye of Horus which I then hand quilted.

These are collaged atcs for yahoo group alkymia – the theme of which was Images of the Goddess. I decided to take a slightly different take on the subject.

So far I have sent out four cartons and thoroughly enjoyed making the contents for them, as well as altering the cartons themselves. I didn’t think to take a picture of the cartons or the journals I sent but I did remember to photograph the dolls. I have only shown three dolls as two were almost the same and just the one quiltie as they are very similar.

Received from Sherry another fabulous carton of art gifts as you can see: a beautiful box containing sweets :o) – yum!; a lovely obj√©ct d’art made by Sherry – it is a small pile of wooden books – check out her blog for a decent picture (apologies Sherry) and something for me to use in my own art.
I really would encourage you all to sign up – it is such a pleasure to take part in.

Thank you very much Sherry.

Oh what a lovely surprise which really lifted my spirits. A carton arrived from Anna Nowicki
As you can see the carton contained a delightful goddess doll, a wonderfully textured atc and the most fabulous bag – all just beautiful. Many, many thanks to Anna for these gifts.