It has been a slow start creatively speaking, to this year as I have been having physical problems which affected my arms and hands, so any art I am doing is taking time – probably a good lesson in there somewhere ;o).
However, at the beginning of this year I decided to join SoulFoodCafe . I have long been a fan of this wonderful and inspiring site and felt it time to take the plunge and commit myself to one of their guided journeys. When I say guided, we are, in fact, given prompts which we use to kick start our own imaginations to expand upon and develop our own individual journey. It is a challenge – I am no writer, but wanted to stretch myself not only textually but in the drawing department too. I am charting my journey as if I were journaling along the way – sketches accompanied by a little writing. So far so good – I am enjoying it and my confidence is growing. I had to start a new blog to do this as it is a team blogging effort and all the blogs are linked by a central one – amazing piece of organisation I must say.
I would be delighted if you’d care to visit sometime – all encouragement and constructive criticisms gratefully received.
The link is to the right of this blog under Soul Food Journey.