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This is a collage on canvas board. The legend reads: “We learn. We believe. We create.”
I am very happy with this and it does speak to me, so I am unsure as to whether I am going to keep it, put it up for sale, or whether it is destined to be a giveaway.


These are a follow-on from the last Gothic Arches project on Travelling Journals, this time the theme is the Divine Feminine.

My altered text atcs for a swap hosted by Becky on ANUK. It was great fun to do and encouraged me to try out collage with altered text – something I haven’t done before. I shall definitely be doing more in one of my a.t. books.

These are the arches I made for a project hosted by Susan Letham on TJ. The theme was The Thirteenth Month – the background for the spreads – the arches. This is the time of Samhain which means summers end, the time of drawing in and the crone aspect of the Goddess, a time of looking back over the past year and assessing, getting ready for the New Year and deciding what we wish to take with us into that time. I have represented in my arches the Crone as it is an image I truly love – which is just as well as I am myself apprentice crone ;o)!

Another altered book that is being transformed into an art journal on TJ. The remit I have given is open, it can be a “real” day in the artists’ life or an imaginary one – indeed it can be a day in the life of an imaginary figure. My spread is literally a day in my life – I took pictures throughout the day, reduced them to thumbnails and mounted them onto a previously prepared page. When my journal returns I shall continue adding to it with many imagined or imaginary days.

These would be the cover, frontispiece and two spreads for my Totems/Familiars Journal launched on TJ. I love the fact that our teachers/messengers come in all forms, shapes and species ;o).

This is my spread for Mika’s Positive Thoughts Journal. It is a small altered board book and this spread is painted using acrylics.