This is a piece I started actually some years ago. It has been standing in my room looking at me and I at it. I was talking recently with a friend about the Identity project I am doing in collaboration with Claire – – in particular about the mapping I am doing and she pointed out to me that that was exactly what I had intended this piece to be when I started it – an abstract of the journey/paths through life. I looked through the notes etc that I had made at the time and found that I had intentionally made the circle in the middle within which I wanted to put symbols/fragments/whatever I decided would define who I am now. Having rediscovered it, as it were, I am now working on it again with renewed enthusiasm and a sense of it going somewhere.
The centre, of course will remain blank for the time-being, but I now feel that the work I am doing with Claire will lead to my knowing what it is I want to fill it with.