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This is a tip-in for Mika’s Creative Darkness Journal. I love this theme. The extract from the Kali poem reads: “Help us to be always hopeful – Gardeners of the spirit – Who know that without the darkness – Nothing comes to birth – As without light – Nothing flowers.”


This lovely personage would be for Shakti’s Dragon Journal ……..

The idea for this swap on ANUK was that those playing would submit a list of symbols they used in their own work, this would then be given to another player who would make a piece of work in whatever media/form they wished using symbols from that list. I had two pieces to make and these are they :o).

I made this for Maz’s birthday. I knew I wanted to combine metal and fibre but wasn’t sure how. I had a vague picture in my head so I made a circular frame from galvanised something or other, I think it is normally used for the garden, – then proceeded to weave thread passing the warp threads through a bead in the centre. I was pleased with the way it turned out and will be doing more experiments using wire/metals and more natural materials combined with fibres, scraps etc. Well I will once all my swap commitments are cleared!

I am embarking on a new collaborative art journal project with Claire. Our theme is Identity. I think it will be an interesting and challenging subject, the ideas are already swimming which is a great sign.
We decided to make a blog to show, not only our art journal spreads/entries, but to give vent to our thoughts, ramblings etc.
Find us at:
Comments, your own ramblings etc are more than welcome :).

Existentialism is good for the soul hehe!

These were made for a challenge on yahoo group Altered Artist’s Guild. The host sent out a bag of randomly assorted clipped words and we had to make “poems” (I use the term very loosely) from them and then decorate postcards to illustrate.
These would be my attempts. I was dreading this but, in actual fact, I really enjoyed it. It was a very different challenge.
Maz….do you recognize scraps here, particularly a certain footprint ;o)!

This is the last spread for the Women’s Spirit 121 journal project with Shakti. I wanted to depict visually how everything in life is both ending and beginning. My starting point was a chant which I adore and which is normally sung in the round: “We are the old people, we are the new people, we are the old people, stronger than before”.
I collaged the background with many faces/images which I over printed twice . I then added the spirals, one which has the chant written upon it. Lastly I stitched in an ad hoc crazy patchwork fashion. I wanted to incorporate stitch as, apart from adding cohesion, stitch/sewing is a very womany symbol. (I recommend the Subversive Stitch – great reading ).

for a swap on ANUK, hosted by Kari. This started life as a polystyrene egg which can now double as a Christmas tree bauble methinks ;o).

I had fun doing this – I wrapped the egg in thread first (inspired by a link from Kari, the name of which escapes me) before beading it.