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Having given in and signed up for a piece of Maz’s delicious art, I am now posting the arty meme here, sooooo:

The first 5 people to respond to this post, via the comments section, will receive some form of art made by my own fair hands. No guarantees as to what this will be, or when I will deliver, but I will do my very best 🙂

Same as always applies…if you sign up for this, you have to put the meme on your journal too 🙂

Happy arting everyone.


Linda’s theme for her book is Castles In The Air – which to me translates as dreams.
I found this quote I can’t remember where but it felt just right.

I applied lace to a textured paint background. The black lace has purple sequins and beads on it. I made a 3D symbol (Chinese) for courage and applied this to the lace. Ta Daaaaa! Shame the scan doesn’t show it too well.

At last I have finished this journal – seems to have taken me an age, even though it is of the simplest design – oh well, it will be winging its way to the first artist tomorrow so I have to stop fiddling!

The “flower” on the inner cover is a piece of some fabric that I tie-dyed . The outer cover is beaded velvet (not by me) and felt just right :).

Linda’s theme was Land of Fae and I chose a water elemental – it is, apart from the drawing of said mermaid, layered fabrics.