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The challenge was to create a paper doll for a partner, in my case Shakti, to show a part/side of ourselves that people might not know. I found it quite hard to think in specifics and ended up with with this lovely – my Fire Self – I meant it to show the firey side of my nature, my temper – hence the head being held apart from the body – losing my head literally lol – but I think she also shows my protective nature and, in essence, where my energy comes from – hence the spiral at the base chakra. It was a little like the soul collage process – I made and discarded several incarnations until I felt satisfied and this one felt just right 🙂


This is a book I started to alter some months ago and then forgot about. I came across it the other day and found that I had isolated text already on a couple of pages, so I decided to work in this one as well as Making It Up. I am not sure whether I will put this one on the same blog as Making It Up, makes sense I suppose.
Anyhow, this is it so far.

Inside page

text reads:
the strange children shall
be afraid out of their prisons

text reads:

violate the private hideaway
unfortunately from the beginning
she was just there
without anyone
solitary girl

some acccident
inconspicuous pale shadow

he scornful dismissive silent

text reads:

escaping was all she really wanted to do

reality was worse

in every way victim

Hmm, the scan of this has shown it to be a lot more purple than it actually is – there is a lot more blue in it and it is much paler than it appears. I hand-dyed the fabric, then discharged the same. Once dry, I stitched it as you see…t’was supposed to give the impression of sea/sky.
Yay for abstract 🙂

The idea for this Journal was that Dolly could not remember her past lives. It was up to us, the contributors, to each devise and tell her about one past life each. I chose for her to have been part of the Tuatha dé Danaan and therefore the pocket has designs appropriate to that painted upon it. The story-teller doll is The Cailleach who told Dolly all about her past. Included in the pocket were the story written by my good self, the doll, a song and two “celtic” knotwork prints that I had done.

This journal is being circulated within Travelling Journals Yahoo Group. It is called Angels and Demons, the premise of which is not literal, rather it is about “exploring passions and pet hates, or famine and feast, or light and dark, or dreams and nightmares, essentially any extreme contrasts across a spread of two pages”.
For me I thought long and hard (of course) and this same theme kept coming up for me and it has been a strong one throughout my life – that of solitude versus community – that pull within the self, well, within my self which essentially is about the difference between solitude and isolation, which I now understand totally. Sweet peace 🙂