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I have at long last started on an altered text book. The title of the original book is Making It Up, which I like quite a lot, so may keep even though to be true to the essence of The Humument the title should be altered too. But, it is my book soooo I can do what I like :).

My aim is to alter the whole book – 248 pages woohoo. I think I will set up a blog specifically for this project รก la Maz and her Neglible project – yay you my friend!

In case you cannot see the text it reads:
stories – the refuge
satisfying wisdom
internal narrative
gods and goddesses
the mythology of imagined alternatives
the whole climactic life
spun off in arbitrary absolute.

Good eh!


Mika’s book is loosely jungle themed.
The background has come out pink for some reason, it is heavily layered and went through many transformations before I arrived at my final piece.

This would be prompt 3 from InsideOut-Europe journalling group. Um, I am catching up lol – we are up to prompt 15 – 16 come this Friday. Disgraceful eh seeing as I am the one who sets the prompts ….great example! ;oD.

Text reads:

he hung up…call the police.
Where have you been. I’m having trouble.
I was about to lose. I pleaded, will you explain.
Dennis was on his heels. The police officer knew.
I shook, but he didn’t tell. I wouldn’t tell them. I co-ordinate our stories. I call them on the phone. He forbid it.
Am I allowed to go? You have no idea, I’m at risk. This is crazy.
I was away.
This is mind-boggling.