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This would be my spread for Catherine’s ED book, theme black and white/imagine. I did my “op” art on a piece of acetate which I have fixed over a print of the sheet music of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’.


This is for the Crazy rr (over the top) with ABEurope. I was stuck on this for ages as Jacqueline had asked that we each do a spread of a dream that was very special to us. I was thinking of dreams as in sleeping and just couldn’t come up with anything, then I saw the quote, which is by Van Gogh and it all fell into place as the major “dream” in my life has been to paint/create. I really like this piece although it feels more like a sketch to me, but I think I may develop it into a larger piece. Anyhow I am pleased with my interpretation of the theme.
What a creative weekend this has been !

Ths was made for Anke, owner of the new AlteredArtEurope group. At the inception of the group I made a throw-away remark about how, as there are several moderators, we should have hats…I was taken at my word and we were set the challenge to alter a hat for one of the mods – Anke, poor soul, is to be the recipient of my creation lol. I really enjoyed doing it and thought that she could use all the fibres etc in future projects. Views are front, back and top…tv not included! You never know it could catch on……………..

These delightful creatures have been made for a Cow Parade atc swap on Europeanatcs…Introducing: Flowerpowercow; Identitycrisiscow and WoollyBully.
‘Twas great fun, good bit of light relief.

These are a set of 6 plus 1 (for the host) for an atc swap on Europeanatcs under the heading of Ecology. I went with recycle/re-use as my theme and used literally scraps that would normally be thrown away, including paper that covers the table when I paint etc. Maz you may recognise a couple of recycled postcards under there as well!
The four on the left are loosely elemental, clockwise from top left – air, water, earth and fire. The other three are random, although just because of the little fella in the top right, I did call that one “The World is your Lobster”. You know what..there is no better therapy than slapping paint and glue about….not forgetting shredding/ripping/tearing etc etc etc.

This is my piece for Jennifer’s Journal in the Travelling ArtJournal project. For each journal I am trying to produce something entirely different. The layers of paint and the colours have not shown up too well on this scan, but I guess you get the general idea.
The “theme” for this journal is “Point of View”, the word Abstract jumping into my mind, I decided to go with it and this is basically an abstracted view from my window – hmmm, and yes the paths are not even!!! Anyhow, that would be it :O).

I have decided to keep this blog for mainly arty stuff and use lj for the “personal”…if you are interested it’s at:

Perhaps this way I will keep the “personal” entries flowing, I hope so.