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I seem to be in familiar territory lately with my drawings. Feels rather nice. This one is very similar to a batik I did years ago..well the floating figure bit is. Perhaps this is my “style”.


For a swap within AlterNativeUK.

This is my spread for Liz’s book – the left hand side is collaged, the right is my painting of an actual ATS poster of the time, it is much more textural than it appears here.

This is an AB project via ABEurope. The idea is that anything goes and the books can be themed or not, tis up to the artist. I have entitled mine Flights of Fancy, but have asked it not to be interpreted as “things with wings” :O)!


Muse – Blue-grey and Silver for Claudia’s ED.

This represents, for me, the to-ing and fro-ing of life, that in order to move forwards oftentimes we have to go to our past.