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I have noticed that there have been a few new subscribers to this blog for which I am very grateful.  However, this blog is no longer active.  All posts have been transferred over to my active blog which is:

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I decided it was time to present as a whole rather than compartmentalise

as I have been doing.

I want simplicity

one blog makes sense

in that case.

For all those who start their New Year on the 1st January 2010,

and those who started theirs on the Celtic calendar

I wish you all the very best

in every aspect of your life.

I shall be closing this blog completely in a few days time

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many thanks.


Actually the theme was Christmas but, well, we are coming into Winter so this is my offering :

The “snowflake” I cut from a vintage cloth – table setting I think.  The ground is calico onto which I layered pieces of organza and netting, placing the snowflake on top, then stitching the whole.  I really liked the result 🙂

Presently at Soul Food Heather, the creatress and wonder-woman, is taking us on a tour of the many and varied delights to be found within the SF vaults.  I would encourage all of you to give it a whirl – you will find a link, click, perhaps be inspired by that first click, perhaps follow that link to another and another.  The site is an absolute treasure chest of all sorts of prompts, inspirations and creative ideas whatever medium you work and play in.  Do give it a go – here !

This is my first offering from the prompt: The Wild Things.   I had and have so many thoughts on this so there may be more to follow, maybe not :).

The text reads:

The wild things are

those thoughts unbidden

tumbling from my mouth;

those thoughts which maybe

should have stayed

well and truly hidden!

The theme this month was “Africa” – very broad,  so much choice for this procrastinator.   This is my offering.  The cotton is hand painted using wax resist and layering which I then hand stitched.

Oct 09 Quiltie - Africa

Another side of London, this centre is a ten minute train ride from Clapham Junction – the contrast is stunning!

Another side of London

Another side of London 3

Beauty 1

Beauty 2

Can you see us?

Can you see us



Dreamtime in Barnes 2

Wonderfully textural plant:

Fab plant

leafy 2

Gorgeous feathers:

gorgeous feathers

and gorgeous grass:

Gorgeous grass

I cant believe its London 1

Loving these feathers:

Loving those feathers 2

more gorgeous plumage

Proud plumage


Shelter 2

We are family:

We are family

Soul Food :

Sun on bark

wonderful bark 2

Soul Food


Total refreshment for body, mind and soul.

For some years I seem to have been creating pictures in various media of older women – the Crones in my psyche I suppose.   This is one such, painted with acrylics on hessian,  that I don’t think I have shared before – she hangs on my small landing beneath a window where she greets me each time I climb or descend the stairs.


I am extraordinarily fond of her.

They speak for themselves:

In the pink

In the pink ii

latest posting is here.

This is my progress so far:

Wild Mother  July ii